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IT Services
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Data Backup
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IT Services

Help Dot Now is here to provide whatever level of IT Support you need with your PC, laptop, server, network whether LAN or WAN, hardware and software.  Our Services are available as needed for all customers, existing and new, on an as-needed basis.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery - An Ounce of Prevention

We offer Onsite Backup setup and maintenance, and Offsite Data Backup to our servers, enabling us to set up, monitor and control every aspect of your data loss prevention.  Our Disaster Recovery Services offer you the most expedient return to productivity after a data-loss event possible based upon your level of backup; whether we rush a Bare Metal Recovery from your onsite NAS or rebuild your software infrastructure and reload your backed-up data, you can be assured that reducing your time lost is a high priority for us.

Data Recovery - A Pound of Cure

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  However, when a cure is needed it becomes priceless.  Our Data Recovery Services can assist if you have found us in the wake of a data loss event and find yourself over your head in your attempt to regain your data.

Hardware Support

Our Service Technicians are trained for hardware evaluation, diagnosis, repair and/or replacement at your location or ours.



Keep in mind our Hassle Free IT managed care service packages; designed to monitor and fix problems before they affect your productivity.  Providing help In a timely fashion, when you need it... or sooner.




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