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  Hassle Free IT

Help Dot Now is here to provide whatever level of IT Support you need with your PC, laptop, server, network whether LAN or WAN, hardware and software.  

Hassle Free IT with HDNCC managed care service packages can keep your systems running to peak efficiency all the time rather than just following the most recent fix; keeping the productivity of your company high all the time rather than the peaks and valleys associated with the standard break-fix computer tech repair company of the past.  

Hassle Free IT with HDNCC offers a variety of levels of support and cost, allowing you to budget maintenance of your computer hardware and software in advance, and avoiding most of the repair expense and downtime you may have come to accept as standard practice with an inefficiently maintained IT network.

Some highlights of Hassle Free IT with HDNCC:

bullet24/7 Remote monitoring for server stability, unusual events within your system that might be symptomatic of a developing problem that can be avoided with proactive intervention.
bulletDaily firewall monitoring.
bulletSecurity patches installed on a regular basis, following assessment of their viability and avoiding blacklisted patches before they can bring your system grinding to a halt. 
bulletAnti-virus protection and anti-spyware is included in most of our packages, raising the level of your protection from today's most prominent type of Trojan horse and worm virus infections from internet websites.
bulletMal-ware protection is included in your spyware package, which locates and removes this plague from your pc.
bulletExpedited emergency response time for our Hassle Free Clients.
bulletDisaster Recovery Services
bulletRemote access allows us to serve many software issues immediately and expediently, saving you lost productivity and costs associated with a traditional break-fix IT support rolling out a technician to correct the issue.
bulletRemote access for you to your own included machines and resources, allowing you to access files from additional locations securely and conveniently.  Feel like working from home today? This feature allows you to do it, unless your company's dress code disallows fuzzy bunny slippers.  <Grin>
bulletFree or reduced costs related to those repairs that do require a service call, depending on the level of package chosen
bulletDiscounted fees for our already reasonable Offsite Data Backup and Data Recovery Services, except where included as noted individually on package services listing.
bulletSilver HFIT packages allow our economy-conscious customers to eliminate some of the above features to reduce monthly costs, while still gaining Hassle Free benefits.
bulletContractual client business discounts for services that are not included in their chosen level of service protection.
bulletWe often know of a developing problem before our client is aware of it or it affects their productivity in any manner.


With Managed Care you will have your security patches installed on a regular basis along with anti-virus protection and anti-spyware.

We offer Data Backup to our offsite servers, enabling us to set up, monitor and control every aspect of your data loss prevention.  Our Disaster Recovery Services can assist if you have found us in the wake of such a traumatic event and find yourself over your head in your attempt to regain your data.

Our Service Technicians are trained for standard hardware evaluation, diagnosis, repair and/or replacement at your location or ours, and we are able to correct many software problems via remote access to our existing customer's computers.

You can have as little as a monitoring service or as much as a complete full service tech support depending on your company's needs and equipment.  Help in the moment it is needed, not after a technology failure has cost a client time, money, aggravation.  We would like to be your IT Department.

Contact us today for a complimentary 1 hour evaluation of your IT health and needs, to determine if our Managed Services would be beneficial to you or your company.

  Silver Service Package

Desktops, Laptops, Servers, LAN & WAN Networks monitored at our basic level; ideal for clients for whom speed of response is less critical, and for whom only occasional services are performed at a slightly reduced rate when ordered by these clients.

  Gold Service Package
Desktops, Laptops, Servers, LAN & WAN Networks monitored and maintained at our standard level of commitment for speed of response, with an attractive range of services covered and included, and a generous discount on services outside the range of this package.
  Platinum Service Package

Desktops, Laptops, Servers, LAN & WAN Networks monitored and maintained at our highest level of commitment for speed of response, and greatest range of services covered and included.

Keep in mind our ala carte IT Service options designed to offer IT Support to new customers or those for whom Managed Services is not the right choice.




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